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Documentary &
Motion Pictures

Krea Collectives​ now offer our Documentary Services & Motion Picture (including short film) Services. - Do you have a project that needs following and documenting? Do you have a story you simply must tell the world, or does your company need a documentary to showcase the work you do, your work environment, your story, or anything else?

Krea Collectives' got you covered! - We can accommodate almost any scale. - Reach out to us today and we can discuss how we can help!

Book a FREE consolation below

The consultation will be via Zoom or Skype and last up to 30 minutes. - It's completely free and you're not expected to book us after this. - We'll discuss the project, scale, what you need, time frame, budget, and any questions you may have. You'll be speaking to one of our videography team members.
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