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Business Portraits & Documentation

Krea Collectives is happy to offer our headshot/portrait sessions for businesses!

Do you need cohesive and high-end portraits of your employees for your website, business cards, or anything else? - Krea Collectives have the solution for you!

Rather than having a field trip to our studios and missing out on a day of work, we will come to you with all the equipment needed. All we require is a room (At least 4x4m for the best results) - We'll bring lights, backdrops, reflectors, and all the equipment required for outstanding photography. 

Each package includes retouching and editing of the images as well!

We now also offer the service "Our Business" where we come and photograph your business and its work, this is useful for ie. websites, catalogs, and adds. - We're happy to make a bespoke package for you!

Check out our packages below, and should non of the match exactly what you're looking for then get in touch with us, and we'll tailor a package to your specific needs!

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Any questions or wishing to arrange a consultation? - Drop us a message as we'll get in touch as soon as possible

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