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Photo studio



Providing photography services to almost any occasion. Krea Collectives offers a professional experience with a personal touch, allowing your visions and personality to shine through.


Whether you're a performer or climbing the career ladder you'll need a professional headshot capturing who you are from your best angle. - Krea Collectives offer comprehensive packages covering a wide range suitable to all needs! 

Bespoke options available


We offer a hugely discounted package for businesses in need of company headshots or documentary shots. We come to your company with all our gear and quickly provide the service you need. Contact us for more information.

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Image by Jeremy Wong Weddings

We're happy to offer our services as wedding photographers- and videographers. - With several different packages and bespoke available are we confident we can contribute to your big day.

Protein Products

Advertisement and commercial products, whether it is your products or the services you offer. We can provide professional and inviting pictures for your clients to fall in love with your products. 

In Concert

Do you need to document your event? - Need some banging pictures from your concert or pictures from your play for your program. - Or anything else live-related. We're here to provide you with the best options!


These are more passion projects we're involved in. - And if you have a great idea for our next project or a collaboration, please contact us!

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