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Clients/Previous work

Have a browse through some of our previous jobs below. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is simply an excerpt of some of our former projects and clients.

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Skin Deep (movie)

We composed the entire soundtrack and sound scape for the film Skin Deep. Including original songs, SFX and moody backgrounds, ect.

This includes 8 original songs, underscore, sound effects, etc.


We created the artwork for their latest single, and edited and color-graded their music video! On top of that we of course consulted on the filming and concept development of their video and consulted on the mix of the track.
+ Helped out with a Social Media package consisting of small clips and images. - This is our third project with Smart Patrulje


Besides developing the music video from pre- to post-production including script, casting, videography, direction, editing, color-grading, and everything else; We also
coproduced and mixed the song. 

This is our second project with Horses & Umbrellas.

Jakob Welding

We co-wrote and co-produced the song Analog. We also made the artwork and created the music video from pre- to post-production.
We also provided a Press release package including a social media package consisting of press releases in 3 different languages, cover art, promotion pictures, teasers and trailers, behind the scene footage and images, canvases, Spotify Playlist Pitches, and much more. 

Gule Blade

We created the Artwork for the debut release of the Danish art-duo Gule Blade. We also edited and color-graded their music video.

We've since gone onto two other projects with Gule Blade, and assisted on the mix of the following singles. 


We created the semi-animated cartoon lyric video for the debut sing of the Danish synth duo SMART PATRULJE. 

We also consulted on the final mix and mastering of their track and created a press release package for them.

We've since gone onto several other projects with the duo.

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Abney Park - a new play

We composed the soundscape and the soundtrack for the new play Abney Park which premiered at Tower Theatre in London in 2021 during the "Love [and Survival] in a Time of Covid" festival. 

King of the Underground

We co-wrote and produced the track, recorded the vocals, and instruments, and created the cover art in collaboration with our talented illustration colleague Martina Serra.
We developed and edited the music video which was shot over lockdown in 2020 fully on green screen due to the legal limitations to movement. - We edited, keyed, and color-graded the music video.
We also provided a full press release and social media package.

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