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If you’re looking for a one-stop full package solution, and need help making your business or brand identity grow, you’ve come to the right place. No matter the vision you have in mind, we’re committed to bringing it to life with superior quality, unbeatable style and fun.

From the initial strategy to the final result, our team provides guidance and support throughout the entire process. We’ll work closely with you to understand what you want, what your style is and which elements are most important to you. Schedule a free consultation with us today.



Making All the Difference

The team at Krea Collectives includes experienced and passionate creatives who work hard and are whole-heartedly committed to what they do. We take a multidisciplinary approach and design for a broad range of sectors, and are keenly aware of the importance of art and culture.

We are all passionate creatives and care incredibly much about our craft and product, which in collaboration with you ensures the best possible results. 

We've all worked in the industry for many years, with our different strengths and passions. We all collaborate on the our projects, whether it be by brainstorming over a coffee, or by giving a hand in the editing suite. This way we ensure the utilisation each individual strength to create the most outstanding product in the end.

In 2022 we came together to create our collective. Krea Collective, an abbreviation of the danish word "Kreativ" meaning creative. That is the core of our company, a collective of different creatives supporting each-other to create stunning and unique products at fair and affordable prices.


From Personal Projects to Big Businesses

Since we started our busy collective in 2022, we’ve worked with countless individuals and businesses in the United Kingdom and Europe.
We've worked with countless actors, singers and performers through our Headshot, Show Reel, and Vocal Reel services, and several bands and companies on their projects. Read on to see some of the clients we’ve created work for below.

Image from the film Skin Deep which we did the soundscape and soundtrack for

Skin Deep (movie)

We composed the entire soundtrack and soundscape for the film Skin Deep. Including original songs, SFX and moody backgrounds etc.


We created the semi-animated cartoon lyric video for the debut sing of the Danish synth duo SMART PATRULJE. 

We also consulted on the final mix and mastering of their track and created a press release package for them.

We've since gone on to several other projects with the duo.

Poster from "Love and Survival in a time of Covid" as play collection we provided the soundtrack and soundscape for

Abney Park - a new play

We composed the soundscape and the soundtrack for the new play Abney Park which premiered at Tower Theatre in London in 2021 during the "Love [and Survival] in a Time of Covid" festival. 

King of the Underground

We co-wrote and produced the track, recorded the vocals, etc., and created the cover art in collaboration with our talented illustration colleague Martina Serra.
We developed and edited the music video which was shot over lock down in 2020 fully on green screen due to the legal limitations to movement. - We edited, keyed, and color-graded the music video.
We also provided a full press release and social media package.

Gule Blade

We created the Artwork for the debut release of the Danish art-duo Gule Blade. We also edited and color-graded their music video.

We've since gone onto two other projects with Gule Blade, and assisted on the mix of the following singles.

Jakob Welding

We co-wrote and co-produced the song Analog. We also made the artwork and created the music video from pre- to post-production.
We also provided a Press release and social media package including press releases in 3 different languages, teasers, canvases, Spotify pitches, adds and trailers, cover art,behind the scene footage and images, and much more.

A picture from the play "The life that I have"

Chaos Productions

We live-recorded the play "The Life That I have" from the Camden Fringe Festival 2022.
We also took promotional photos for the show's PR and social media campaigns. 


We created the artwork for their latest single, and edited and color-graded their music video! On top of that we of course consulted on the filming and concept development of their video and consulted on the mix of the track.
+ Helped out with a Social Media package consisting of small clips and images. - This is our third project with Smart Patrulje


Besides developing the music video from pre- to post-production including script, casting, videography, direction, editing, color-grading, and everything else; We also coproduced and mixed the song. 

This is our second project with Horses & Umbrellasa

Toulouse Lautrec

Live concert from Perle Solvés and Jakob Welding recorded at Toulouse Lautrec and edited by Krea Collectives


We wrote, produced and released the new single "BANDAGE" by Singer/Songwriter Jakob Welding.
We provided the full PR package including, covar-art, press releases (multi-lingual), trailers & teasers.

We also developed, produced, filmed and edited the music video.

And many many more

reach out today and pitch your project to us

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